Explore a paradise of small islands

Βlue and green, representative of Thesprotia regional unit, is the main reason why Syvota is considered as one of the most exotic destinations within Greece. Lacy shores, luscious green islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters, and secret coves, are just some of the settlement’s characteristics that nature has open handly offered. It is the perfect stop for sailors of the Ionian archipelago, nevertheless, it is a must destination for all. At a short distance from the coast, you’ll find the small islands of Mavro Oros (meaning Black Mountain) Agios Nikolaos, Mourtemeno as well as other smaller islets. Take note that it is worth it to rent a boat and sail the calm waters of the area. Discover your own secret coves or shores (our favorite ones are the beaches Diapori and Alati (meaning salt)) and let the magic of paradise overtake you.

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