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Discover the beautiful landscapes of Epirus and get to know the hidden treasures of this place!

Enjoy the nature, the historic mountains and the peaks, the beaches and the mythical rivers of Epirus, taste the local flavors of the mountain and the sea in selected places, find out about its place and its history and above all explore all aspects of Epirus safely. Our experienced staff will lead you to wonderful landscapes, advise you on what landscapes to visit, depending on weather and weather, and will inform you of anything worth seeing during the journey. All our excursions have the starting point where you are!

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Epirus Adventures

Epirus, a hidden treasure

Traditional villages and flavors over time. Culture and nature, land and sea, action and tranquility!

With many different destinations, you are given the opportunity to choose from all year round: from scenic Zagorohoria, Metsovo and Tzoumerka, to beautiful Ioannina and the summer seasons of Parga and Sivota, Epirus welcomes you all the time time and promises unique experiences and surprises.

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Epirus Adventures
Epirus Adventures
Epirus Adventures
Epirus Adventures

Tailor Made Experiences

Create with us your own adventure and enjoy your unique experience!

Having full knowledge of the place of Epirus and its special features, we can meet every need for you to browse and wander. Let us know what you would like to see and let us create an excursion special for you. If you are looking for something more personal and specific with your company or your family than our existing routes, just keep in touch with us and, after consultation, create thematic routes that we design according to your needs and provide you with the most beautiful experiences through the guided tour of a local driver and our partners.

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Epirus Adventures


Come with your company and explore the area, admiring the splendor of nature of Epirus with utmost comfort and safety. Enjoy unique trails and experience a unique experience that will be memorable.

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