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About us

Epirus Adventures is a company that organizes complete day trips and not just 7-seater 4x4 SUVs throughout Epirus.

We give you the opportunity to choose whatever route you want from the ones we have made for you but also to organize the route of your choice according to your wishes and to guide you to the beauties of Epirus.. We always make sure the routes are special and meet your exploration needs.

Our aim is the visitor to enjoy the nature, the historical mountains and the peaks, the arcane beaches and the mythical rivers of Epirus, to taste the local tastes of the mountain and the sea in selected places, to be informed about the place and its history and above all to return safely.

The company / Philosophy

Our philosophy stems from our need for exploration. This need was the motivation to meet the landscapes of Epirus from another point of view.

We are now able to guide everyone in these beautiful areas of Epirus, offering the visitor the chance to reach the “secret” and elusive treasures of this place with its unique wilderness, tasting local dishes and learning its history, which gets lost in the mists of time.