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Discover Epirus Discover Epirus Discover Epirus Discover Epirus Discover Epirus Discover Epirus

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Imagine a place both wild and welcoming, full of bright blue beaches as well as snowy mountain peaks that almost reach the skies. A place that offers a refreshing swim in the noon and a soothing breeze in the night. This is the famous and photographed Epirus, with its unique natural beauty, the coastline of the Ionian Sea and the renowned Pindos.

In Epirus you will find many places and sights to explore, such as:

  • the Ioannina with its historical lake and island, the only inhabited lake island in Europe,
  • the Zagorohoria with Vikos, the worlds’ deepest canyon,
  • mountainous villages of Tzoumerka that are located in between the high mountain peaks,
  • the famous and picturesque Metsovo with its well­known benefactors,
  • the Konitsa with its bridges and monasteries,
  • the picturesque town of Preveza with its silvery waters,
  • the historic and beautiful Parga,
  • the Sivota with the secret beaches on its islands,
  • the Arta with the wetland of Amvrakikos,
  • the amazing passages of the historical river Acheron,
  • the fairytale forests of Valia Calda, one of the last brown bear refuges
  • and so much more that we give you the opportunity to see.

Beaches, mountains, rivers, canyons, villages, archaeological sites, forests, wild animals as well as a historical background that gets lost in time. Flavors and products that nature offers in cooperation with the human power.

The history of Epirus

The history of Epirus traces back to the antiquity until the present day. Its distinctive datum is the archaeological site of Dodoni with the ancient theater, the largest of its period (18.000 speculators) built on the 3rd century BC

Some of the other equally important archaeological sites are the ancient Nicopolis in Preveza, the Necromantion of Acheron, the castle of Ioannina as well as the monasteries that scattered through the whole realm of Epirus. The most known of these monasteries are the monastery of Kipina in Kalarrites, the monastery of Stomio in Konitsa and the monasteries of Saint John Rogovos and Saint Paraskevi in Zagor.

Flavors that make you travel

The tastes of traditional Epirus food are unique.

In Metsovo, we’ll find the famous cheese “Metsovone” as well as a variety of wine. In Zagori we’ll taste the traditional pies and the specialty plates with mushrooms. In Tzoumerka, where dairy products such as the cheese “feta” of Epirus, galotiri and traditional kefalotyri can be found, we won’t lose the chance to taste some delicious meat recipes.

The inexhaustible Epirus, is capable of providing us with unique experiences and a tour that will leave an indelible mark on our memories.