How do I book a route?

Reservations are made by phone and e-mail and confirmed by e-mail.

Which payment methods are available?

Payment methods are cash.

When is the payment made?

Payment is made on the same day before we start our route. In case of a personal booking, a deposit is required on the date the reservation will be made.

From what point does a daily route begin?

The daily route starts from wherever you are (hotel, rented rooms, airport, port, etc.) in the region of Epirus and Lefkada and return to wherever you wish in the above regions.

What equipment do I have with me?

In most of our trips we stop at rivers where swimming is possible, so a bathing suit for the summer months. Also due to climate and sudden temperature drop, Jackets are always available for all occupants. Athletic shoes are also essential.

I'm with my family. Are there special rates for children?

There are special rates for children from 8 to 12 years old.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Tourists must be over 8 years of age. On personal excursions made by arrangement there is no age limit.

With regard to security?

Our car is insured and, of course, our office also provides civil liability insurance.

How extreme are the routes?

There are no long distance journeys. The difficulty is mainly graded according to the distance and the condition of the road. For example, the route "Tzoumerka - Kipina Monastery" was rated 3 because of the many turns, as the landscape is extremely mountainous.

In case of extreme weather phenomena?

In spite of the mountainous volumes we cross the vehicle, it is able to cope with the difficult circumstances, nevertheless there is always information from the authorities about the state of the road network and in the event of a heavy snowfall or a ruin of the road network we avoid the specific points.

Why Nissan Pathfinder?

Our vehicle is 7-seater and provides safety and comfort to make the 7 passengers (plus the driver) comfortable all the way along the way. It has bizonal air conditioning and of course has already given us confidence and security to ourselves.