Terms & Conditions

1) How to Book a Planned Trip-Adventure.

The process of booking a trip-adventure can be done in two ways: either by telephone or by electronic booking through our website.

1a) Reservation via telephone (telephone reservation).

You can contact us by phone, informing us about the trip you have chosen, to provide us with the information required to confirm the reservation.

Required information:

  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Trip Date
  • Number and age of participants
  • Your point of residence (departure - arrival)
  • Phone number

Making a phone reservation automatically involves the simultaneous acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the participation in one of our trips and adventures. The confirmation of your reservation from our part, is completed by sending an informative e-mail directly to you, which includes all the information regarding your booking.

1b) Online Reservation via our website.

After selecting the adventure-trip that suits your wishes, by clicking on the relevant icon, the adventure-trip information and afterwards a booking form, will be displayedautomatically. In the booking calendar you can check the availability of the trip-adventure you are interested in, so as to select it.

After completing the booking form with the required details, the date you are interested in and declaring that you agree with the booking terms and conditions, you select the "Book Tour" field. We will then confirm your reservation with an e-mail.

1c) Booking Tailor-Made Trips-Adventures:

Our company also offers the possibility to design and form tailor-made trips - adventures, except for the ones that are provided and which you have the ability to check and select as pre-planned options. The reservation of a tailor-made trip-adventure takes place in the above two ways, (paragraphs 1a, 1b) except that additional telephone communication and with us is required for its design. The design of the tailor-made adventure-tour takes place according to your choices and needs, and then is priced according to these items. Once the design has been agreed, you will be sent an e-mail of confirmation for the booking of the tailor-made trip-adventure. Booking a tailor-made trip-adventure should be completed at least seven (7) days before it starts.


2) Authorization for Booking Trip-Adventure.

The person who will contact our office to book a trip-adventure is deemed to have the relevant mandate / consent from the other members who are interested in making a certain trip-adventure, to represent them and assure us that all members have a good health, that they have been informed and agree with the terms and conditions of a trip-adventure booking and that they are aware of the dangers of their participation in an trip-adventure.


3) Payment Policy.

3a) In order to make a reservation for a group of people in a pre-planned trip-adventure, none of the services on our site requires any amount to be paid in advance. The payment of the fee for an adventure-trip is being given on the day of the trip and before it starts.

3b) In order to plan and participate in a tailor-made trip-adventure, a 50% deposit of the total cost is required within two (2) days of booking and the remaining amount is paid on the day of the planned trip-adventure, right before we begin. If the above prepayment is not paid, the reservation will not be confirmed.


4) Trip-Adventure Design.

Our trips-adventures are designed to be safe and enjoyable to the participants, and several stops are provided to facilitate participants. In the sub-page of each pre-planned adventure-tour there is a description of the corresponding plan, which is available to everyone. Please note, of course, that participating in a trip-adventure includes a risk factor, as a mountain adventure, to be taken into account.


5) Insurance

5a) Liability Insurance.

The insurance of the participants throughout the tour-adventure, has been taken into account, for its launching. Our company offers insurance for transportation with our vehicles, but also for property damage and bodily harm outside the vehicle as provided by the relevant articles of the Civil Liability Civil Code.

5b) Travel Insurance.

Allparticipantsmustberesponsible for theirtravelinsurance, and informedabout whether they are covered in the event of injury, medicaltreatment, deathorreimbursement.


6) Additional Terms and Conditions.

6a) It is the responsibility of all participants in a trip-adventure to show mutual respect and obedience to the leader's instructions.  The driver of the vehicle is also the head of the trip-adventure, and thus the one who is responsible for giving instructions for its smooth and safe realization.

6b) Any non-compliance with the regularity rules entitles the head of the trip-adventure to exclude this member without compensating him.

6c) In case of indisposition of one of the participants, the excursion leader is responsible for deciding, based on the circumstances (timing, location, accessibility etc.), the continuation of the planned trip according to the plan or themaking necessary changes. If one of the participants feels unwell, before starting the adventure tour, he / she may cancel his / her participation without any financial charge, although in the case of a private trip-adventure the deposit is not refunded.


7) Cancellation of Trip-Adventure.

7a) Cancellation of Your Planned Excursion-Adventure.

In this case, our policy is that you should not pay compensation for the cancellation of a planned trip-adventure, based on mutual trust and understanding of the reasons for its cancellation. Instead, we would greatly appreciate the immediate update of your cancellation.

7b) Cancelation of Tailor-made Trip-Adventure From Your Side.

In this case, the cancellation and refund policy are different and is as follows:

  • Reimbursement of the entire amount of the deposit in case of cancellation of the booking at least seven (7) days before the date of the reservation.
  • 50% refund of the deposit in case of cancellation from four (4) to seven (7) days before the date of the planned trip-adventure.
  • No refund of the deposit if the reservation is canceled three (3) days before the date of the reservation.

 * One day is counted as 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the adventure tour.

7c) Trip-adventure cancellation case on our part.

Our reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, health problems (illness), adverse weather, fires, nuclear or chemical disasters, war, terrorism, a ban on police orders, serious mechanical problems in our vehicle which are impossible to be directly resolved or any other extraordinary and sudden event / reason of force majeure. Cancellation can also occur if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

In all the above cases, you will be notified immediately and in time so that you can reschedule or cancel the adventure.

In case we cancel your tailor-made tour-adventure, you will receive full refund of the deposit amount.


8) Modification or Change of Trip-Adventure

Our company guarantees you the completion of the trip-adventure of your choice, without any changes to the program, as described on our website. Changing or modifying a trip-adventure may only occur in certain circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or natural disasters. A possible change may occur at the time of the accessibility of a point, without the slightest effect on the quality of our benefits. You will be informed about the changes or modifications of the trip-adventure you have held directly by telephone.


9) Important information

Trips-adventures always involve risks different from those of everyday life, which should be taken into consideration. You must always be prepared, as the weather and geomorphology of the place make these hazards different. The planning of our trips-adventures has been done with the aim of ensuring your safety and entertainment. Drinking alcohol is not allowed under the age of 18 years and it is recommended that alcohol should be avoided to adult participants for safety reasons. In wine tasting,juice or water will also be provided.


10) Disclaimer.

During the excursions-adventures, our company is not responsible:

  • For any unforeseen developments in the circumstances (due to reasons of force majeure) and their implications, indirect or immediate
  • For potential damage to the participants (material damage, physical damage) due to their actions and fault, as well as acts and behavior that contradict the rules and instructions given by the designated leader of the adventure-trip, and their direct or indirect impact.
  • For additional charges, other than those listed on our website and our brochures, which may be available through bookings by tour operators and external partners.
  • For any loss or damage to personal items caused by unpredictable factors or by the fault of the participants.