Our tours

All our tours start from wherever you are in Epirus! Choose one of the excursions that we recommend or make yours! If you are looking for something more personal and specific with your company or your family than our existing routes, just contact us and, after consultation, create thematic routes that we design according to your needs and provide you with the most beautiful experiences through the guided tour of a local driver and our partners. Experiences such as:
  • Wine tasting
  • Photography of landscapes, photography seminars
  • Culinary delights
  • Seasonal experiences (tsipouro distillation, traditional festivals, etc.)
  • Visit to museums and archaeological sites
  • ... and much more.

Few hours

Explore and discover the uniqueness of Epirus, through our excursions, lasting from 3 to 6 hours!

One Day

Daily excursions to the enchanting nature of Epirus, lasting 6 to 9 hours!

Multi Days

Experience the landscapes and the tradition of Epirus with 2-day and 3-day excursions!