Central Zagori - Stone Bridges

A tour that crosses the beautiful villages of the central and eastern Zagori and combines the breathtaking view of Vikos canyon with the unique stone bridges that used to connect the villages. It surely is a view that reminds us of the “miracles” that can happen by the human and natural cooperation.

Central Zagori - Stone Bridges
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: 1ο level
  • Distance: 137 km
  • Altitude: 1350 meters
  • Minimum no. persons: 2
  • Max no. persons: 10

Participation prices per person:

Ενήλικες over 12 years of age: 105 €

From Ioannina area: 105 €/person

From Parga/Syvota area: 135 €/person

  • The price includes a (1) meal in traditional restaurant.
  • People under 12 years of age should be accompanied by at least 2 adults.

Tour Programme

  •  Kokkoris - Noutsos Bridge: Our first stop will be at the famous traditional stone bridge, built in 1773.
  •  Plakidas - Kalogeriko Bridge: Second stop at the 3-arch bridge, the most photographed stone bridge of Zagori, close to Kipoi village.
  •  Lazaridis Bridge: Third stop at a stone bridge in Kipoi village, the oldest bridge in Zagori area.
  •  Old Mill and Mill's Bridge: Our forth stop will be in a beautiful place, close to Kipoi Village, with the mill close to the bridge that used from the inhabitants of Zagori many years ago.
  •  Petsionis Bridge: Next stop to a bridge that was built in 1830 by Thedoros Petsionos. The bridge is surrounded by dense and frigid vegetation of the stream, with tall trees hiding it despite its impressive size.
  •  Koukouli Village: Fifth stop in one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori to enjoy a coffee, tea or juice in a traditional old coffee shop.
  •  Mpeloi Viewpoint: Sixth stop to Vradeto village and after 20 minutes walking we will arrive to the highest viewpoint of Vikos Gorge.
  •  Agios Ioannis Monastery: The oldest monastery in Zagori area, built at 11th century B.C., with incredible view to Vikaki gorge, a smaller gorge that starts from Tsepelovo village and ends at Kipoi village.
  •  Tsepelovo Village: The seventh stop will be in Tsepelovo, the largest village of Zagori, to enjoy the food in traditional restaurant.

Tour Photos

Check out some of the images you will see on the route we will be following!

Central Zagori - Stone Bridges
Central Zagori - Stone Bridges
Central Zagori - Stone Bridges
Central Zagori - Stone Bridges
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