Papingo - Vikos Gorge

This tour offers us the ultimate view of the world’s deepest canyon, Vikos canyon. In our path, we’ll meet one of the clearest and coldest rivers of Europe, Voidomatis and well as some spots that provide us with a sublime view of the canyon. The silvery river’s waters, though cold, are surprisingly refreshing for swimming and ideal for rafting in the late spring and summer months..

Papingo - Vikos Gorge
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Difficulty: 1ο level
  • Distance: 155 km
  • Altitude: 1350 meters
  • Minimum no. persons: 2
  • Max no. persons: 10

Participation prices per person:

Ενήλικες over 12 years of age: 105 €

From Ioannina area: 105 €/person

From Parga/Syvota area: 135 €/person

  • The price includes a (1) meal in traditional restaurant.
  • People under 12 years of age should be accompanied by at least 2 adults.

Tour Programme

  •  Vikos Village: The first stop will be at the village Vikos, one of the most beautiful places that offers a breathtaking view of Vikos Canyon.
  •  Voidomatis River: The second stop will be near the river Voidomatis, to explore the place and swim at its clear water as well.
  •  Rogovo Pools: The third stop at the “Rogovo Pools” of Papingo, also famous as “Kolimpithres”, a beautiful place where natural pools are formed by the stream that goes to Vikos Gorge.
  •  Mikro Papingo Village: Our fourth stop will be at the village of Mikro Papingo to visit the information center of Vikos-Aoos National Park.
  •  Papingo Village: Fifth stop at Papingo to enjoy a coffee, tea or juice in a beautiful coffee shop and for a walk around the narrow streets of the most famous village in Zagori.
  •  Oxya Viewpoint: The seventh stop will take place in the village Monodendri, where we’ll visit the highest viewpoint of Vikos Gorge, known as "Oxya".
  •  Vitsa Village: Our Last stop will be at a traditional restaurant in Vitsa to enjoy the local tastes of Zagori.

Tour Photos

Check out some of the images you will see on the route we will be following!

Papingo - Vikos Gorge
Papingo - Vikos Gorge
Papingo - Vikos Gorge
Papingo - Vikos Gorge
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