Sivota & Acheron Springs

One of the most beautiful, as well as known through the Greek mythology, points of Epirus, is Acheron river. There, we will learn the history of the river, in ancient Greece and the souls that crossed it with the boat of Charon to arrive to the underworld. Also we will visit Sivota, to explore the beautiful beaches that remembers you how looks the paradise.

Sivota & Acheron Springs
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Difficulty: 1ο level
  • Distance: 116 km
  • Altitude: 530 meters
  • Minimum no. persons: 2
  • Max no. persons: 10

Participation prices per person:

Ενήλικες over 12 years of age: 130 €

  • The price includes a (1) meal and visit to archaelogical site.
  • Required clothing: swimsuit, sandals and towel.
  • The tour will be available only for the Summer.

Tour Programme

  •  Nekromanteion Temple: Our first stop will be in “Nekromanteion” of Acheron, a Greek temple of necromancy devoted to Hades and Persephone. Is also famous as the door to Hades. From this place, Odysseus passes to go to the underworld as Homer writes in Odyssey.
  •  Acheron Springs: Second stop will be at Glyki village and from there we will walk to the Acheron springs with the clear water to swim and enjoy this beautiful and unique place.
  •  Activities to Acheron River: After our visit in Acheron springs we can do activities in the river like rafting, canoe-kayak and horseback riding in the river.
  •  Sivota Town: Fourth stop will be to Sivota for a walk inside the town and to enjoy a coffee or a refreshment.
  •  Agia Paraskevi Beach: From Glyki village we will go to Sivota to enjoy a coffee or an ice tea and then to Agia Paraskevi beach for swimming and relaxing.
  •  Ali Pasha Castle: Our fourth stop will be in Anthousa village to visit the castle of “Ali Pasha” that dates back to 1814 AD and has a beautiful view to the town of Parga and to Ionian sea.
  •  Agia Village: The last stop will be in a special restaurant with traditional greek cooked food to enjoy our lunch before the end of our tour.

Tour Photos

Check out some of the images you will see on the route we will be following!

Sivota & Acheron Springs
Sivota & Acheron Springs
Sivota & Acheron Springs
Sivota & Acheron Springs
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