Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery

The tour of Tzoumerka might be one of our biggest. Nevertheless, each and every of its many curves offers a breathtaking view of the wild beauty of Tzoumerka and its canyon in which the river Arachthos flows. On our way, we’ll meet the Kipina monastery, the villages Kalarrites and Pramanta, the “Anemotripa” cave and of course the unbelievable beauty of the alpine landscape .

Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Difficulty: 1ο level
  • Distance: 163 km
  • Altitude: 1160 meters
  • Minimum no. persons: 2
  • Max no. persons: 10

Participation prices per person:

Ενήλικες over 12 years of age: 105 €

From Ioannina area: 105 €/person

From Parga/Syvota area: 135 €/person

  • The price includes a (1) meal in traditional restaurant.
  • People under 12 years of age should be accompanied by at least 2 adults.

Tour Programme

  •  Stone Bridge of Plaka: Our first stop will be at Arachthos river, to the place were is the famous and historical stone bridge of Plaka.
  •  Tzoumerka Waterfalls: Second stop at Katarraktis village and to the waterfalls and Tzoumerka, to enjoy the amazing view of the waterfalls and also to enjoy a coffee, tea or juice.
  •  Anemotripa Cave: Our third stop will be at Anemotripa “cave”, a magical place where a river crosses the whole cave.
  •  Pramanta Village: Fourth stop will be at Pramanta for a walk in the village.
  •  Kipina Monastery: The fifth stop will be between the mountains, at Kipina monastery. It is one of Greece’s most astonishing monasteries, built on the 13th century in the interior of a rock.
  •  Kalarrites Village: After Kipina monastery we will visit the traditional village of Kalarrites and there we can enjoy the tasteful dishes in Napoleon’s traditional tavern.
  •  Tsimpovo: From Kalarrites we will return back to our base from Tsimpovo a beautiful spot in the middle of Arachthos canyon.

Tour Photos

Check out some of the images you will see on the route we will be following!

Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery
Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery
Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery
Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery
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